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Shreeji academy
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2nd Floor, Shop No.20,vandemartam Arcade , Vandematram Cross Road, Gota
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English SmartAloha Gujarat Write SmartAloha Gujarat Mental Arithmetic Tiny TotsAloha Gujarat Mental Arithmetic SeniorAloha Gujarat

Shreeji academy provides Abacus training through mental arithmetic classes that helps a child to groom their memory power, confidence and calculation ability. Along with it we provide English Smart Course based on spoken English classes to help kids to improve their both oral and written communication skills. To improve the handwriting of the children handwriting improvement classes re also provided by us on the basis of Aloha Write Smart.

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This centre owned by SANGITA S.PATEL works dedicatedly in improving the Math, English and Handwriting skills of children. Each teacher here give whole heartedly towards there profession. The children also prove with awesome results in the state level competition each year. Parents are very satisfied with the productivity and dedication and prefer our centre for multiple classes for a single child.

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Kite decoration activity ;;; Children enjoyed this activity with shared their creative ideas.

New batch starting from 1st March 2018

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