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Aloha Gujarat

Aloha Gujarat

Aloha Write Smart guarantees amazing handwriting by the end of the program.
The program focuses on 2 parts -

  1. The BASE - Focuses on getting the curves right with proper pen-holding, alphabet formation and gradual progression towards words, paragraphs, numbers and capital letters.
  2. The PACE - Writing with good speed - without compromising on the quality of writing.

Some of the most common reasons of bad handwriting:
- inability to properly form letters/alphabet
- difficulty keeping the letters on the line - may not seem to understand the relative sizes of letters
- crowd letters within words together
- space letters poorly which make it almost impossible to determine where one word ends and another begins.

The result?
Illegible or crude handwriting which is nearly impossible to decode, even when there are no spelling errors.

The effect?
- Loss of marks - even when written correctly
- Perception of poor quality work - Low morale
- Gradual lack of interest in studies

Benefits of Write Smart

  • Have an organized approach
  • Secure better grades
  • Enhance the ability to comprehend his / her handwriting and thus communicate properly
  • Develop speed in writing
  • Confidence in regular classroom activities
  • Overall academic excellence
  • A socially poised individual

Aloha Write Smart produces amazing results with its scientific approach towards handwriting development. See a live example below of one of our student. His handwriting has been captured on day 1 and day 15. The improvement is remarkable.

Aloha Gujarat

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Course Structure

Total 15 days 30 Hrs. Only

5 days in a week for 2 hours each day

Performance evaluation is carried out at the end of each level.

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