The program focuses on the overall development of the child in his subjects. This focuses on the standards 6 to college. The main objective of the program is to “achieve academic excellence” for the child.

In today’s world there are only two things that matter most- speed and success!

In the prevailing competitive environment, students need special skills that equip them not only to survive, but also succeed. And there are scientifically proven techniques that can cultivate abilities that have the power of changing the way students think, understand and act. In other words, these methodologies can bring about a total transformation in their personality and help them to be better than the best in everything they do. This is what exactly Aloha’s Power Plus does!

Based on a mind-blowing concept that achieves incredible results by optimum use of brain, it unfolds infinite possibilities that one can discover through rigorous training and coordination of mind and senses. It makes the very process of learning a joy in itself by developing a unique set of skills that helps students to attain excellence not only in academics but also in all spheres.

ALOHA Power Plus is a unique program designed for the benefit of students in pursuit of their academic excellence. The course concentrates on the various factors, which helps the students towards attainment of their goals.

ALOHA Power Plus – Tried and tested over the last 5 years, is a program to prove remarkable results in memory enhancement and personality development.

Hand Writing
Reading Skills
Time Management
Learning Skills
Mind Mapping
Greater Self-esteem
Improved performance at School
High grasping power
Independent Thinking
Self Confidence
Communication Skills
Study Environment–Method and Planner
Examination–Preparation and Presentation
Speed Reading & Writing
Course Structure
Duration: 4 levels, each of 3 months.
Eligibility / Target Group: 6th Std. to college group.
Certification: An International Certificate at the end of each level.
Classes to be conducted throughout the year, one session of 2 hrs. in a week.
At the end of each level every student will is subject to internal assessment, which decides the certification and the admission to the next level.
Course Contents: Memory Techniques, Handwriting, Learning Skills, Speed Reading and Writing, Mind Mapping, Time Management, Examination Preparation and Presentation, Communication Skills, Career Counseling, Interview Facing, etc.
A maximum of 18 students in a class to provide better personal attention to each and every Student