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"Time spent playing with children is never wasted " - Dawn Iqntero 

The hustling lives lead by most of us today, call for the most precious aspect of our lives called the time. This hustle and urgency are not just confined to being an adult but even the children nowadays are bowing to the burden of academics that leaves them no time for themselves. But as we all know that children need a certain minimum amount of physical and mental activity to help them grow hale and hearty. Therefore, the busy life of parents calls for a different approach to provide their children the much-needed respite from the pressures of being a child. The savior at such times are the indoor times of togetherness of the family, that not only help the children have the fun and the required physical activity but also help the family create happy and cheerful memories that can be treasured for life. Some such activities have been enlisted below, to let your family have the rejuvenation and amusing times.

Treasure Hunt

The treasure hunt is an activity that not only aids fun but also triggers the interactive and creative skills of the children. This is a brain-boosting activity that doe does not require buying any stuff, rather a set of some clues that need to be decoded to reach the final prize. Thus, utilizing the indoor family time well.

Cooking with Family

Cooking is another relaxing activity for the family when worked through in a curious and planned manner. It not just helps in appealing the taste buds but also helps in exploring the culinary skills of the children along with improving their confidence and concentration in following the instructions. Thus, making the process of learning great fun.

Family Photos Collage

Photos are a memento of beautiful memories that brings in happiness as well as can help in the learning process. Collaging the family pictures with your children not only create beautiful art but also, boosts their innate imagination, exploring their creativity along with the development of their motor skills through an understanding of shapes and their respective spatial relationships.

Family Reading Time

Reading is fun and benefits of it are known to all but having a family reading time, increases these benefits to multiple folds. It not only develops a strong bond with books but also connects the family well. Furthermore, enhances knowledge, vocabulary, and patience.

Build it Up

If you are searching the key for your patience or your child's, then you can surely go for basic structure building activities. These do not necessarily require the construction stuff, a set of toothpicks, straws, gum candy, paper or dough can suffice but add in oodles of concentration focus and endurance.

So, if you are one amongst the worked up parents along with an equally worked up child, then you can surely try spending some rejuvenating time with your child through these helpful and interesting activities that give you the luxury to stay at home make the best of your time. 

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