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“Reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body.” – Joseph Addison

Thinking your child becoming a book lover is the happiest feeling a parent can enjoy, because the concerned parents nowadays, want their kids to go places and achieve the best and reading is medium to accomplish it. It is a well-known fact that reading helps in making of knowledgeable individuals who are the leaders of tomorrow. But in the modern era, it has become quite a challenging task for the parents to make their child read, as in the current wave of social media and internet, books and reading have somewhere lost in the tide of time. Yet, this cannot disprove the fact that reading is one of the greatest strengths an individual can have.

Another challenge that parents face, when inculcating reading habits in their children, is the knowledge of language. This means, the child speaks the language, knows the language, yet the knowledge is just superficial. And to become a good reader knowledge of language is equally important, which only develops with regular reading.  

Now, with such enormous challenges in the path of parents to make their children good readers, it becomes imperative that they chalk out ways to get their kids to read and allow the book lover to dig their brains deep. So, to help the ailing parents we bring to you some tips and advices that you can follow and help your child, and we assure you the positive results you always wanted.

Understand the child’s problem areas while they read, and then help them overcome it, by reading to them and helping them understand that where they fall short and what they need to fix.

Teach the child with letters, how do they sound, because most of the children tend to ignore the sound of letters while speaking.

- Help your child identify words and letters in their natural settings, for instance the posters or magazines, and explain them the importance of words in such settings. This would help the child learn the real meaning and significance of them.

- Helping the child to read independently, through reading out loud. This not only strengthens the comprehension skills but also enhances the vocabulary.

Encourage the child to write more often. This helps the child get hold of the language and enhances their ability to write back, which would eventually help them in articulation of words, while reading.

- Another activity that can help your child read is to help him learn and identify the words, which are frequently used, but their sounds may be confusing. 

Instigate the thirst to read, in the child, by keeping varied reading content in the close proximity of the child. 

- Make a habit of telling them a story and hearing one back.

Apart from the above few tips, parents need to realize that they should not pressurize the child as for their tender age,neither do they understand, nor can they bear the pressure. Enrolling your child in a course like Aloha English Smart also helps in achieving all the above mentioned points with ease. This kind of a course helps them to do their rigour continuously and that too in a structured manner. Therefore, parents should solely focus on maintaining an environment around the child and let him bloom to the fullest to become a proficient and an ardent reader.

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