Aloha Gujarat

Aloha Gujarat

ALOHA English Smart benefits:

1. Situation Smart
Being exposed to the use of English language in meaningful situations. Being able to respond to and contribute to interactions in English language in simple and important day to day situations.

2. Word Smart
Being able to understand the meaning of words, generally used in life situations and to be able to use them intelligently in oral and written communication. Learning suitable vocabulary to deal with different life situations.

3. Speech Smart
Being able to express ideas and thoughts, that are needed to deal with various life situations with confidence, speed and fluency. To speak with confidence.

4. Write Smart
Being able to write effectively and clearly, to communicate essential information in practical situations. Being able to express himself/herself accurately, to avoid communication gaps.

5. Creative Smart.
Being able to use the English language for practical written communication being able to use the English language, to express various thoughts and emotions with comfort and style and being sensitive to the aesthetic use of the language. Being able to think creatively, using the power of English.

Aloha Gujarat

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Course Structure

Levels: 5 levels

Each of 4 month duration

1 class per week of 2 hours

Performance evaluation is carried out at the end of each level.

Pre Level: Level 1
Me,   Myself   &   I : Level 2
My   Immediate   Society : Level 3
My   World : Level 4
The   Power   of   the   Pen : Level 5

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